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  • White type of paper do you use?
    I use deckled edge handmade paper from a company in India for the handmade stitch artwork. For the Giclee prints I use a bamboo paper.
  • How did you come up with this style?
    As a graphic designer I love to illustrate, I try not to use words where possible and let the illustrations speak for themselves. I mostly start on paper to sketch out an idea then sometimes move to the computer. The stitch artwork came about from wanting to move away from the computer and do someting completely hand crafted. I love being able to combine paper and thread together to make the design become more three dimensional.
  • How do you create the stitch artwork?
    It can be a long process to get it right. I first of all sketch out an idea roughly on paper, I normally draw something overly complex then try and simplfy and reduce down the design until I get something that is an abstract of what i've looking at. To transfer this idea into the stich artwork, I draw a grid on the paper then draw out the design taking into concideration which direction the lines of thread will go. Then I punch a hole where the line meets the grid and start stitching.
  • Can I get a custom size?
    Yes, I can do custom sizes of anything on the website please reach out to me in the contact section and I can submit a quote.
  • Can I get a custom design?
    Yes, I love creating new work, please reach out to me in the contact section and we can discuss further.
  • Where do you get your inspiration?
    Most recently it's from travelling around the USA and seeing the beautiful landscapes. I like to visualise the world as if it's one big illustration. Bryce illustration changed slightly from this orginal one.
  • Where can I shop?
    All sales are made through ETSY Or reach out and we can talk more.
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